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Commit b5aad445 authored by Stefan Schrijvers's avatar Stefan Schrijvers

Merge branch '109-add-html-rtd-theme-fixes-for-table-wrapping' into 'master'

Resolve "add html rtd theme fixes for table wrapping"

Closes #109

See merge request !92
parents 4f5a6de1 cfd3ea32
......@@ -73,6 +73,10 @@ else()
/* override table width restrictions */
@media screen and (min-width: 767px) {
.wy-table-responsive table td, .wy-table-responsive table th {
/* !important prevents the common CSS stylesheets from overriding
this as on RTD they are loaded after this stylesheet */
white-space: normal !important;
.wy-table-responsive {
overflow: visible !important;
......@@ -108,7 +108,15 @@ if '@DOC@' == 'html':
# Add any paths that contain custom static files (such as style sheets) here,
# relative to this directory. They are copied after the builtin static files,
# so a file named "default.css" will overwrite the builtin "default.css".
html_static_path = []
html_static_path = ['_static']
# Fix table line wrapping for RTD theme
html_context = {
'css_files': ['_static/theme_overrides.css']
# Custom sidebar templates, must be a dictionary that maps document names
# to template names.
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