Commit 5d5d4009 authored by Renken's avatar Renken

fix cannot create vundodir directory

parent 292f6445
......@@ -114,6 +114,9 @@ call plug#end()
" General
" Use the clipboard for all operations (must install clipboard tool)
set clipboard+=unnamedplus
" Turn off vi compatibility.
set nocompatible
......@@ -297,7 +300,9 @@ set nowrap
" Enable persistent undo if it is supported
if has('persistent_undo')
let vundodir = expand('~/.vim/undo')
call mkdir(vundodir, "p")
if !isdirectory(vundodir)
call mkdir(vundodir, "p")
let &undodir = vundodir
set undofile
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