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Commit 2c6f5535 authored by Vermeeren's avatar Vermeeren

readme: improve note regarding qtwebengine5

parent 1ac6acfc
......@@ -14,11 +14,12 @@ removed from this repository.
# Check if you have 5.12 from this repo installed.
apt list --installed '*webengine*' | grep 5.12
# Downgrade to buster official.
# Downgrade to buster official, modify to match your list.
sudo apt install libqt5webengine{5,-data,core5,widgets5}/buster \
# Mark as manually installed if needed.
# Mark as automatically installed if needed.
# It should not be needed if you haven't done odd installations in the past.
sudo apt-mark auto libqt5webengine{5,-data,core5,widgets5} qtwebengine5-doc
# Verify no other 5.12 is installed, this should give an empty result.
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